5 Things To Remember Before Hiring a Wedding Caterer

5 Things to Remember Before Hiring a Wedding Caterer

Woman thinks how to organize her weddingThis is one of the most exciting times of life, preparing and planning your wedding. Maybe by now you’ve tried on a multitude of dresses, decided on the color scheme, and know what type of flowers you want for the bouquets and centerpieces. But now, you need a reliable, trustworthy catering company to prepare and serve the food. Just like your wedding dresses, you may need to try out a few and put them to the test to see if they pass and meet the requirements. We’ve put together 5 things you need to keep in mind before signing that final contract with your soon to be wedding caterer.

1. Reputable Source

Have you heard of this company before? Were you recommended to them by a friend? Think of how you heard about them and what people are saying. Look over reviews online and read them carefully. See if they check out to be a reliable company. It is a great idea to learn about their strengths as a catering company and to see how others liked their food. When interviewing with them ask and go over how they store and prepare the food. It is #1 for food safety to make sure they properly care for the food being served.

2. Taste Testing

catering table set service with silverware and glass stemware at restaurant before partyWhat better way to test out a catering company than to schedule an appointment and test out their food. Openly talk about appetizers, entrees, and desserts. Ask what are their menu options and also talk about what you like so the catering company can know exactly what you expect for food.  They will learn what you like best, and the best catering companies will help you put your vision of food into a reality. Going over the menu in detail and talking about what exactly will be served and when to the guests is important.

3. Communication

With anyone involved in the planning of your wedding, you want to have good communication. Having open communication from the beginning is vital. They should be open about pricing, the menu, and making sure there are no hidden surprises in the contract. If you have felt that you found the perfect caterer, before signing the contract get an invoice with detailed information regarding their pricing and what that includes. For example, will all plates, silverware, cups and glasses be included?

4. FlexibilityDinner menu for a wedding or luxury evening meal - note, made up menu

Ask them about how flexible they are and can be. Are they willing to adjust the menu to your liking? Could they switch around a few food items to better fit your budget? If there is a specific type of food you really want on the menu can they make that happen or do they just provide a few set menus? You will be surprised how many catering companies are not willing to budge and make changes. If you are looking for an adaptable company that will better suit your needs you will just need to keep looking.

5. Friendliness

Overall you want to look for a caterer that is friendly and honest. A company you can relate with and feel open to talk with about adjustments and pricing. You want to get along with your caterer. They always say you don’t want to upset the people that are making your food, right? But in this case you get to choose who makes the food for you and your guests, so choose wisely and have fun with them! St. Mary’s County Wedding Caterers are here for you!

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