About Us

I’ve always had a passion for BBQ. That being said, who doesn’t love barbecue?!

In 2005, I was given my first BBQ cooker by my uncle. Ever since then its been a passion of mine. An addiction really. In 2008, we started cooking in the KCBS BBQ competition circuit. It was exciting! There is nothing better then being surrounded by amazing barbecue smells and learning from fellow grillers! And along the way we’ve come up with a few secrets and tricks of our own! Since then, Smokey Oak BBQ has been catering small parties for family and friends. We’ve expanded from family barbecues to weddings and catering for large parties. There’s a certain kind of satisfaction that comes from cooking all day over hot grills and then seeing your food bring smiles to people’s faces. We love what we do and there’s nothing better then doing what you love! Smokey Oak BBQ stays busy bringing good flavors to Southern Maryland. Let us share our family recipes with you!

BBQ Catering Southern Maryland
We’re a family business…