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Wedding Catering


“Sit back and enjoy your day. We’ll handle the rest.”

Southern Maryland Wedding Catering

Wedding BBQ Catering Southern Maryland

Food at your wedding is crucial. Besides the dresses we’d say the food is the thing people leaving talking about the most. It’s also the hardest part of your wedding to plan! Do you try and cook it all yourself, impose on your relatives, or hire an expensive caterer that has too many opinions? Or just skip it all and only serve cake?

At Smokey Oak Catering we believe that your party should be stress free and the food should be memorable! Let us help you with that!


But why should you choose Smokey Oak BBQ as your wedding caterer in Southern Maryland?

  • Our food is award winning! Savory BBQ that leaves your wanting seconds is what you want for your once in a lifetime wedding.
  • We value your feedback! No matter how good a job we may feel we’ve done, it’s your opinion that matters the most in the end! We listen to our customers and want you to be as happy as we think you should be on your big day!
  • Our staff provides quality, professional service! The stigma that comes with BBQ is country country country. And while we love the charm of the country, we know you probably want a little more for your wedding day. Let us give your guests the taste of delicious “like your momma cooked it” food served by professional staff.  You can have it all on your wedding day!
  • Memories of a gorgeous bride, good food and a great party should linger long after your wedding day! We believe that our catering services – our professional staff, our savory BBQ, our affordable prices – can make that happen! But don’t just take our word for it. Ask our customers…read our reviews on Google.

Wedding Caterer in Southern Maryland

At Smokey Oak Catering we’re proud of what our customers think of us!

“Earning the best reviews is important to me.” 

Ryan, owner of Smokey Oak Catering